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# Posted: 21 Sep 2023 04:43

Roof Insulation Question 2x6 rafters, Are baffles vents necessary on a 185 ft. Mountain Hut?

I’m working on a hike in mountain hut, due to weight considerations I used 2x6 rafters. It’s a metal roof on 1/2 plywood sheathing.

I purchased baffles to run an air vent in the peak and at the eaves. Someone mentioned that on such a small building having vents might not be necessary to keep it dry and not moldy from hot/cold air interchange. Also I’d like to maximize the insulation in the small 2x6 rafter bays. It’s heated by tiny woodstove once a week or so through out the winter, so it will be sitting cold more days than not.

Any help is greatly appreciated

Cedar Fever
# Posted: 21 Sep 2023 08:01

It sounds like spray foam would be ideal for that small rafter space. I screwed 2” ISO foam between the sheathing and metal roof.

# Posted: 21 Sep 2023 08:50

A 2x6 rafter can really only give you a R24 with a baffle. 2x6 just really isnt enough room for alot of insulation with a baffle. With my experience in a cathedral ceiling it's better to put more insulation in and not use a air baffle.

# Posted: 21 Sep 2023 11:39

I believe a baffle is better. It you heat you have a temperature difference. And moisture will drop out of the air where it's cooler. The lid. Without any means to remove this extra moisture it's going to accumulate. Even if you drill holes in the facia or blocking its would help. As suggested using a ridgid foam or best spray foam you could get by better.
If I was using it for a living space, even part time. Especially in the winter where you want heat. Id spend a couple extra bucks n spray foam it with a kit. Or sheets of pinkboard. You could use 2 layer of 2" keep it flush with the bottom of the roof joists and have a 1-1/2" of open space above the foam board for venting. Fill cracks with canned foam.
Anyway extra time or money you put into the lid, insulation and venting, at the beginning will pay back benefits. Heat costs money and effort every day. And protect your investments.
Have fun, enjoy the experience

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