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# Posted: 31 Oct 2023 16:29

When I was a kid my neighbor and his bil built a hunting shack in the back woods. I was able to somehow be in on part of it, havent thought about it in years.
They had most of the sides done, not sure if it was post corners or not, maybe 10x10 or 12x12. Iirc I 'helped' (probably just held something while they nailed) put in more studs and I think they used some blocking between. Then they wrapped heavy black tar paper around it starting at the bottom, roof nailing it to the studs enough to hold. The next course up overlapped. Then they used lathe strips on the outside up each stud as the real hold-downs.
I think they did similar on the window and door jambs, though those might have been boards.
They used it like that for several years, a basic 'tar-paper shack' and finally returned and nailed barn boards over the outside as siding.
Funny I cant remember anything about the roof but wouldnt be surprised if it was topped with the cheap old rolled roofing like a big roll of an asphalt shingle material.
In those days, the early '60's, there were still a lot of the old hunting and fishing shacks around here. My guess is a lot of those guys were then middle-aged WWII vets and had maybe built similar in the military?
As I recall the basic cabin took a couple weekends for them to build as the bil had to work all week wherever he lived and make the drive up.
My how things have changed.

# Posted: 1 Nov 2023 09:58 - Edited by: paulz

Great memories. Have you ever gone back to that area? I would love to revisit the hills where I was a kid, probably never happen though. At least you made me think about those times.

# Posted: 1 Nov 2023 10:47

LOL how did we ever survive without codes and engineers to make us build it right?

I was thinking about the other day- we are training/ breeding adventuring and inventing out of the race, at least in the USA. Now unless it passes some safety regulation/ licensing group/ nanny state ... you can't do it or fined if you do.

It would be impossible for wild areas to be conquered if there was one... sad.

# Posted: 1 Nov 2023 11:41

I did get back to that shack about 20? years ago just passing by, it looked still in use then and decently maintained and the roof good; no idea since.
Keep a good roof on and a building can last my dad always said.

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