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# Posted: 11 Jul 2010 19:02

We started excavating an area in a barn for a "cabin" and have run into a problem. Some of the area under the floor is very damp or somewhat wet. The soil is dry on top but after digging down about a foot became very sticky. We do know the surrounding soil type is clay. We are going to have to install piers or blocks down the middle to accomadate the floor joist span and the a pier or two will have to be right in this wet soil. How best to handle this situation so there won't be worry of too much settling? I have heard lime is used to firm up the soil in some parts of the country. Thanks very much. John.

Gary O
# Posted: 3 Aug 2010 23:08

Hi John-
You leave too much info out for real answers. However, I've built three sheds and two cabins, and have never had a settling experience, even though most were built on clay (of which is a good thing, beats sand).
But then, when you say 'excavate' I'm wondering how low you've much you've disturbed the soil............

Gary O'

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