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# Posted: 11 Dec 2010 20:55

Hi Everyone! I have purchases almost 6 acres of land in western New York and need some ideas on cedar shingle repair or replacement. My first thoughts are to close up the outside so our little critters cant come in replace any rotten wood. Unfortunately, the previous owner let the place go and my goal is to bring it back to life. The outside is completely cedar shingles and they need some repair in places and to be cleaned of mold and moss. I was thinking to powerwashing, but I have no well or running water so thats out. Does anyone have any ideas on how to clean or scrub clean? Some spots are faded, while others look brand new. The place has sat idle for 5yrs time. I will post pixs and a look at the interior when I get back down to the place. Needs total gut job and i will replace eletric, insulate, add wood stove and make it nice and comfortable. Any suggestions or ideas w/b great. Thanks!

# Posted: 12 Dec 2010 19:01 - Edited by: fasenuff

I have used a 55 gallon barrel of water connected to a pressure washer. Pressure will not be quite as high but still usable. It should be enough for cleaning the shingles. You may need a couple barrles of water depending on the size of the job.

When washing the shingles aim downward not up or sideways or you may be replacing more when you "knock off" more shingles with the pressure washer. If your washer let's you use a mild soap and rinse afterwards. Also after washing and rinsing the shingles and let them dry. Then seal them with a good sealer. You can use a pump up garden sprayer to apply it so it will go faster.

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