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# Posted: 13 Dec 2010 14:15

I'm looking into building a small cabin on my local property with the intention of moving it to a recreational lot later. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with this. My thought is a 12'x24' cabin I just am not sure how to design it to either load it on a low boy or pick it off when it arrives at it's final home. Suggestions appreciated.


# Posted: 13 Dec 2010 20:53

Prefab all 4 walls and floor. And have trusses made or do a rafter type roof on site. Then disassemble all 4 walls (have them screwed together in the corners) and move it on a flat bed. Have your foundation ready.

# Posted: 13 Dec 2010 23:24

look at i think they may have what you could use. you have to make your own foundation but they would be easy to move on a low boy.

# Posted: 14 Dec 2010 10:17

Hand-scribed log cabin. Build it, then it can be moved one log at time.

# Posted: 14 Dec 2010 10:40

If you build it more than 8' wide special permits may be needed to move it down the hiway along with flag cars fore and aft. You have probably seen "wide loads" going down the road at some point.

I realize it is very tempting to build at home because everything you need is there and you are close to the stores. But wit a little planning building onsite can be much easier. Also the tools you would need to build onsite will come in handy later. You would need a generator to run the power tools but if you are off grid you will need it later. An air compressor for the nailers also is an item that when needed at the cabin is a godsend. Nothing worse than needing your wheel barrow and the tire is flat or worse yet getting ready to head home and finding a thorn or wayword nail has punctured your tire creating a small leak.

A lot of the people here have pre-cut the lumber and assembled on site. That would be easier than building wall sections that require more than just you to setup. Sometimes finding a buddy who is available to help or having a wife willing and stout enough is not easy.

Consider building on site. Getting a truck load of lumber into the cabin lot can be easier than getting a truck and trailer into the same lot. At my place it was hard enough to get the truck in here with lumber on it but a trailer with a wide building would never have happened.

I had the materials for the peirs, posts, and floor joists brought in on one trip and the walls the next. The roof materials were broght in last this way I did not have more sitting here than I needed at the moment.

Building sections at home and hauling them out works well and can save a lot of onsite time as several members here can tell you. But try to keep them in managble sizes. Take into account you may want to be able to get the truck or trailer close enough to the cabin to off load directly to it. The less you have to move the sections the better for you.

If you do go ahead and pre-build the entire cabin and move it check with some of the companies who sell storage buildings. They have equipment for doing it. Many of them have trailer setups that can move the building at several angles including sideways and precisely set the cabin where you want it. They are also used to moving them down the hiways and know the laws regarding that end of it.

Good luck and have fun doing it. Keep it enjoyable. After all that is what it is about.

# Posted: 15 Dec 2010 11:18

Oversize permits are typically less than 100.00 , for a 12' wide I seriously doubt pilot cars are needed. Normally you can go upto 14' wide before pilot cars are needed. You need to check with your state DOT requirements, so you know whats required when time to move it.
I'd look at Morgan Building, thier designs and others as thats how they move thiers

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