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# Posted: 6 Aug 2018 18:53

Never had a need to worry about the ceiling little wood stove keeps it plenty warm despite no ceiling insulation. But now I’m wired to run off a gen and have window ac. There’s no way to keep up with all the heat baking on the roof.

It’s 2x4 rafters, so I don’t have any depth for batts. It dosent need to follow stringent codes. It’s a cabin in the middle of the woods that gets used 2 nights a month typically. I just don’t want it to condensate and rot. Cheap would be good too.

One idea I had was to hole saw into the blocking and put screen over the holes. Then ferrings perpendicular to rafters for additional gap, then put 4x8 sheets of styrofoam following the existing rafter line.

But was thinking that might not move much air. So I could run a 2x4 across the top of the two steep legs of the gambrel, cutting off the peak, and put attic vents on either end. But that’d change my 7’ peak (loft) to more like 5.5’.

Any other ideas?

# Posted: 6 Aug 2018 19:15

As you said, fir those down with 2x8's and add insulation...although you'll have to add a ridge vent, or else the hot air will sit up under the ridge and cause problems IMO..

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