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# Posted: 13 Oct 2019 16:20

Have a 16' x 32' Gambrel roof outbuilding with a loft. 2 x 4 rafters, , 24" oc. Attached to 2x6 joists, 24" oc. No center beam at ridge. It is 83" from loft floor to peak. Collar beams are 64" from floor. Can I remove some collar beams or move them up a few inches to get more head room. I'm 5'7 and would love to stand up in the loft. Any advice welcome. Picture of loft.

# Posted: 14 Oct 2019 13:52

This is in no way to be considered structural advice.

But you could look at using a pyramid of plywood on both sides of the rafters. That would be a triangle of ply on both sides. So two pieces of plywood cut and nailed or bolted or over screwed.

This guy calls them gussets. search on you tub
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He used osb. I would use ply.

You'll check the load bearing etc.

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