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# Posted: 6 Nov 2019 20:24

So my mother lived in Southeast Missouri and lives in a 12 x 30 Cabin on 22 acres. Its not much space for her to have all her kids and grandkids to come over and visit at the same time, especially in the winter.

So the idea is to build up a platform using common deck builds at about 3-4 feet off the ground and give the cabin a crawl space. I was going to have the cabin lifted and anchored to this platform. The platform itself is going to be about 700-900 sq. ft. and was just going to build off of it with a shed style half a-frame roof. The cabin itself is going to be the bedroom/bathroom/laundry room and the built on portion is going to be living space and kitchen.

Has anyone ever done this and how much does a 12x 30 cabin weigh? Will I have to use 2x6 joists and possibly 2x6 lumber for the deck surface?

# Posted: 6 Nov 2019 20:33

I built a deck to code before and the process is pretty straightforward with notched supports and hangers. There wont be a concrete pad, just gravel. The crawlspace will be sealed with a dehumidifier and plastic.

# Posted: 7 Nov 2019 06:21

Prety much no where is a 2x6 good for a floor joist and 2x6 spanning 12ft is still no good.

Your wanting to come off an existing roof and go 12ft wider? That dosnt leave you much pitch for the roof.

Cheaping out on lumber that is basicly the foundation is going to leed to a weak/dangerous structure.

# Posted: 7 Nov 2019 07:06

you can use 2x6 for floor joist as long as you have enough supporting beams under them. Depending on what type and grade of wood you are using will determine the span, but max span for a 2x6 is about 8'.

Using 2x lumber for the deck is over kill, especially if you are placing your joist 16" OC. I would use 5/4 decking. The issue with using boards for the floor is gaps as the dry and shrink, then you will get air penetration and bugs.

To support the weight of a log cabin you will have to have good supports under the deck, especially under your load bearing areas. How are you planning on elevating the deck?

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