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# Posted: 20 Feb 2020 12:38

I need to bury a 2500 gallon ribbed water cistern that will collect water from a mountain spring. I want to bury it so it doesn't freeze.

I'm not sure whether to bury it under the cabin or outside the cabin. Under the cabin it would be within the heat and insulation envelop of the cabin but once buried, I cannot get to it. If I bury it outside the cabin, it may not be secure from tampering but I could get to it if needed.

How did you bury yours?

Thanks, Dave

# Posted: 20 Feb 2020 14:39

What sort of access are you thinking of possibly needing? How deep would a tank be buried if not under the cabin?

Most of these poly underground tanks need to be kept 25% full at a minimum; you are aware of that? That can be very important in locations with high water tables or areas where the ground may become saturated at certain times of the year.

My underground tanks are poured in place concrete, except for a couple of smaller 500 gallons spherical tanks. They don't require maintaining any minimum. One is at a remote cabin and the cabin was built over it. There is a manhole that does permit a large enough opening to enter. However, all I have ever done is have a look because I could. There was a small amount of sediment over a ten year period but nothing worth bothering about.

# Posted: 20 Feb 2020 15:47 - Edited by: Brettny

Burry outside. Under the cabin makes for a pain to repair any lines later. If under and it's always heated there's no point on putting it under ground.

IF you can put it up on a hill and supply to your cabin with no pump that's even better.

I'm pumping from a stream up a hill above the cabin site.

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