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SE Ohio
# Posted: 4 Apr 2020 11:43

1. Is 3/4” diameter sufficient for a pitcher pump supply line, 25’ run and maybe 6’ rise/lift? I think pump is rated to lift 20-25’ but with larger pipe I’m guessing.

2 How to attach PEx to pump? Pump has female threads, about 1.125” diameter

Goal is to pipe underground from rain barrel to indoor pump. 1” PEx is made but is pricey online. I’m hoping to online-order all components.

SE Ohio

Irrigation Guy
# Posted: 4 Apr 2020 11:58

I used 1” poly on mine. Worked fine. Poly doesn’t require any special tools you can just use hose clamps.

# Posted: 5 Apr 2020 15:47

Poly will be fine in this situation and you can use the proper diameter. Not that it really matters though as you will hardly know a difference.

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