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# Posted: 1 Aug 2020 13:37

Hi forum folks!

Cabin build has been coming also swimmingly! House wrap is on, and I'm home from camp considering some exterior siding options.

There are some folks here in town with a demotion company that are going to give me some old-growth fir shiplap for my exterior siding on the cheap. It's beautiful and sturdy and I'm thrilled!

I've heard that this reclaimed shiplap (was used as old-school sheathing on older homes here) could be used for exterior siding as well. That said, there are quite a few nail holes on the boards. Would it be a mistake to use this as exterior siding given that I wouldn't be painting it, and therefore would be unlikely to fill the nail holes?

Thanks in advance!

# Posted: 1 Aug 2020 16:48

Maybe running some color matched wood putty from the back would seal it up without changing the aesthetics. I have no experience though just throwing it out there.

Nate R
# Posted: 2 Aug 2020 07:03

I think it depends on how you apply it. I'd be tempted to use a rain screen setup and then not worry about the holes.

# Posted: 2 Aug 2020 19:40

With Nate on this if you really love the look of it. Bit more work on doing a Rain Shield (depends on the size of the cabin) but it also has other advantages in general. I did it on our cabin (not required by code in our area) and likely meant an extra day to prep (16x24) and a few $100 in extra costs. I’m sitting on the covered deck looking at the lake as I type - pouring rain!

# Posted: 3 Aug 2020 10:28

Would those nail holes be an invitation for carpenter ants and bees etc?

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