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# Posted: 28 Aug 2020 12:41

I hate to start a topic that could potentially be viewed as SPAM but I saw a couple of videos about Aircrete and they were very interesting. A few of you who are worried about rot, bugs, etc. may especially benefit. You could build a shed cabin but it looks like a really cool material for making smaller projects. I myself, am hoping to build a bunkie in 2 years and might look into this as an option. Full disclosure, I've only watched about 10 minutes of videos so far, so I haven't figured out all the pros and cons yet.

"Aircrete is a material that combines the strength and durability of concrete which is physically light weight that helps make a home easy and fast to construct. It is extremely lightweight, thermally efficient and sustainable."

Anyhow here are a couple of links in case anyone is interested.

What is Air Crete?

How to Make AirCrete

Pouring Aircrete Panels

# Posted: 28 Aug 2020 13:40

Looks pretty neat. I'll watch more of the videos tonight. In the mean time, how about that guy's wife carrying those 80lb. concrete sacks! Her thighs make me look like Pee Wee Herman.

Thanks for posting.

# Posted: 28 Aug 2020 13:52

I have seen those videos. He has lots and lot of trial and error Involved. I think it may be cheaper in the end to stick build something properly

# Posted: 28 Aug 2020 14:03 - Edited by: KelVarnsen

Quoting: Brettny
He has lots and lot of trial and error Involved. I think it may be cheaper in the end to stick build something properly

I don't disagree entirely, but in the last video that I linked he talks about what worked well and what didn't. I do think this could have merit over stick building for some people's application. It may be worth it for the fire resistance alone. Also it would be cool to build a planter box or some other small project.

# Posted: 9 Nov 2020 20:07

Or a top piece for a shooting bench (watched a vid of one built, waayyy cool)

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