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# Posted: 30 Sep 2020 15:23

My current system has a 500 gal tank up the hill and a 200 gal collection tank that catches rain water off the roof. I have an on demand water heater, I think it is an eco temp. For the water heater to work I have a 12v RV pump. I have a 110v Harbor Freight transfer pump that I use for pumping from the collection tank to the larger tank up the hill.

I am not real happy with the current system. The water heater seems to cut out all the time. It takes a while to set everything up since I do not have either the water heater or the pressure pump permanently plumbed in. I remove them and pump all the water out due to freezing concerns.

What I am thinking about is adding a pressure tank into the system and permanently installing the water heater and pump with drain valves for purging the pump and water heater for freeze protection. Would I also have to drain the pressure tank to avoid freezing?

Right now I have one car battery that is kept charged by a small solar trickle charger. I am thinking about expanding the solar system so it had more storage capacity and so I could run the transfer pump off an inverter and a small refrigerator.

Any thoughts on the above?



# Posted: 5 Oct 2020 09:03 - Edited by: ratfink56

Is your rv pump pushing the water or pulling it? The rvs I had always had the pumps placed close to the water tanks so I assume the pumps are meant to push. And how far does the pump have to raise the water? That is called head. A Google search can explain that if you aren't familiar. Either of these could cause your water heater problem. I see plenty of setups for these heaters that do not use a pressure tank.
The drain valves should allow you to make a permanent setup.
Keep us posted on your results.

# Posted: 5 Oct 2020 14:46

I have an Eccotemp L5 and it seemed the heat would go out anytime even a gentle breeze came through requiring you to stop and restart it.

Moving the unit out of the wind, and installing skirting around the base of the shower it was in helped tremendously. I think the wind was kicking up through the bottom of the unit and blowing out the flame, tripping the sensor.

I think that sensor can be adjusted but a little windproofing mostly solved my problem.

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