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# Posted: 12 Nov 2020 19:24

Which one is better? I watched you Tube video which basically said they were both good but the catalytic required more maintenance. I have a Haugh S-121 with a Smoke Master. How would it match up against a late model stove?

# Posted: 13 Nov 2020 06:15

No clue on how your stove stacks up against any other nor do I know how well reburn tubes work. I do have a catalytic stove from about year 2000. Just last year I replaced the refractory chamber and cat. I only did this because when I bought the stove (4yrs ago) it came with all those parts. Once a year I clean the chimney and take the stove apart to clean and inspect. I would think that's pretty minimal maintenance.

old greybeard
# Posted: 14 Nov 2020 17:01

replaced our old smoker with a big Osburn 2300 epa tube stove 2 years ago.
Its excellent, 10 hour burns, even long heat.
See no reason for the expense of a cat

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