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# Posted: 19 Apr 2021 13:20

hey there,

I built an extended run tank for my honda. I am using the 6 gallon marine tank:

I used it before with those quick connect marine connectors and it will sometimes not suck gas and I will need to get up at night to feed it. I then saw a guy who didn't use those connectors and simply dumped the hose into a can since it will suck it... I tried that (gas tank sits above the generator. but it also didn't suck it. so I am a bit confused what else I can do and why this is not working for me... any tips?

# Posted: 19 Apr 2021 13:45

I think even typical outboard engines have a fuel pump that pulls it from the tank.
Without that, and having it higher, you wont get any 'suction to pull it', it is all gravity; so you need to ensure it is actually 'siphoning' to get flow into the carb. I dont know if you will lose the siphon action as the float bowl in the carb stops/starts the flow.
I do know that if you put a gas tap on the bottom of that marine tank so it just flows it will work.

# Posted: 19 Apr 2021 15:48

Those marine connections are always letting a bit of air into my outboard motors. It’s not really an issue as they have a fuel pump but they aren’t the best option

Gravity with no quick connections would be my option. Just get you fuel tank at least as high as the factory tank on the generator and you should be fine

# Posted: 19 Apr 2021 17:52

Wouldnt you have to use a priming bulb on that line to establish the siphon effect. The outlet on the marine tanks is at the top of the tank with a drop tube to the bottom, the fuel pump will suck it 'up', gravity wont do it without assistance (and I dont want to be the one sucking on the gas line to get it to flow).

# Posted: 19 Apr 2021 20:15

The EU2000-2200 series generators have a crankcase vacuum-operated fuel pump. The fuel tank built into the generator must be full and the stock Honda fuel cap replaced or modified to ensure an air leak proof connection. Then the fuel pump can draw fuel from the remote tank until the remote tank goes empty.

Just like any outboard I have ever used, the remote tank does not have to be above the generator or engine. If the Honda generator does not draw fuel from the remote tank without the remote tank being elevated there is probably an air leak. Maybe intermittent, the worst sort of problem to resolve.

So, I would check that the fuel cap on the Honda is the correct non-vented type, the gaskets for that cap is intact, the quick change fittings are proper marine fuel types and are clean, the hoses are in excellent condition and that the remote tank has a proper vent. Maybe even check that the Honda runs okay when the remote tank is removed and the stock cap used on the Honda generator.

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