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# Posted: 5 May 2021 17:28 - Edited by: gcrank1

Since we went to LP furnace from wood stove and are so pleased with it I decided to pull the poor 'through the end gable' stove pipe (single wall c/w 2 90deg elbows). To do this properly straight up with the right pipe and all was an est $600 if I do it; that will buy a lot of propane!
So, I have this hole...
Thinks I, if I put a 6" to 10" hunk of duct pipe adapter through that with the big end inside and an elbow outside with a stack and bird guard cap it just might suck the hot air that stacks downward from the peak in hot weather. I can mount a small fan on that too and power the heat out but it will have a venturi effect even without a fan.
I had a chance to test it out a few days ago (though the proof will be come summer) and the flow-through it initiated was very promising.
Ive got a duct end-cap closing if off now from inside, may install a flapper later.
On hand are 2 small (6"ish?) fans with clamps, one 120vac and the other a 12vdc, either will be an easy hook up as needed.
Of a hot day or night this could be evacuating the heat out up high and drawing cooler air in lower from the shady side of the cabin.
As a scrounger, and proud of it, at this point Ive got about $8 in this.

# Posted: 12 May 2021 09:42

Anybody have any recommendations for a solar powered, pref integral, fan assembly that will fit on a 6" vent stack?
One with a 'stat to read interior temp for on/off would be pretty trick but non-'stat would be Ok too.

# Posted: 26 May 2021 21:09

We have used the vent, sans any fan, twice now. With some unseasonably warm weather and a good sun day the cabin started to stack heat in the early afternoon. I didnt want it to get uncomfortable before doing anything. Going up the ladder I could feel the change, popped the cap and taped a ribbon on the bell. It hung, then stood right into the outlet, dropped, then repeat. A few times it kicked back into the room. No wonder I had trouble with the stack as a stove.
In a short while the temp had dropped in the peak, no difference felt from sitting in the room or climbing the ladder to the vent and reaching up, natural convection was doing the job. Of course, this requires an air inlet lower down, at least a window open. Ours is on the other side of the room so the flow through is nice.

# Posted: 12 Jun 2021 21:31 - Edited by: gcrank1

We have had continuing unseasonable warm weather for this time of year, actually like the Dog Days normally of August, temp/humidity index high 80s to 100ish.
Last year when it was like this the cabin would typically be 8-10*F more than the outside air, and the interior was acting like a heat sink soaking that all up. Even after getting outside air in the heat sink interior wouldnt really cool down; it was HOT.
At similar temps now we are finding the inside is same or maybe only 2* more, and with our med-size box fan moving the air through the room, quite comfortable.
I have yet to trial a fan to force air out the vent, havent felt the need yet, may not need to, after all, I cant get any cooler than ambient air temp. I can say that for both of us having the same temp in and out is a noticeable improvement over last year.

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