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# Posted: 18 Jun 2021 17:48

We left our cool mtn cabin early Monday morning for the 10 hour trip back to Payson, AZ, our other home... only 102° when we got there at 2PM! Well on the way I called SanTan Solar to order 20 x 250w panels and 2x 320w panels for folks up here in Colorado. I told them I would be in Tuesday morning to pick them up.... the sales person told me... no can do, they are two weeks out even on a small order like that! I freaked, I was calling from near Gallup NM on the road back to AZ. I had before just drove down the hill to SanTan and they would load me up. I'm installing solar on a neighbor's place next week so I was freaking out! I needed his 9 panels and another neighbor had asked me to get the big ones for him.... I groveled, even begged a little for the 9 x 250w and the 2 x 320w so i could meet the urgent needs... the others I'd hoped to get were speculation as folks are always needing panels up here...
so salesman went out and talked the warehouse guys into supplying those for me.

We are back up in Colorado now after nearly 13 hours on the road yesterday...had to go up to Flagstaff and pick up the equipment at Wind and Sun before getting on I40 and heading east.

So if you are thinking about ordering from SanTan, call ahead... two weeks ahead! Great company to do business with but the used solar panel demand has increased astronomically.

# Posted: 18 Jun 2021 19:53

LOL, and it is only going to get busier for them and others selling used panels. Glad you managed to get them.

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