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# Posted: 20 Jun 2021 20:09

Working on getting the neighbor's solar up and running. Did some of the wiring in the E-panel yesterday. The engineer hasn't got us the schematic yet, but there is some wiring that is self-explanatory. Hopefully we will get the schematic this week. We will continue tomorrow with what we can do.

We had help putting up the panels today and got everything outside done. Wished we could have butted the top and lower panels for snow but the purlins just weren't laid out where we could. Besides, the neighbors leave the first of November and don't return until May. So they aren't worried about winter charging. Great system... Santan solar 250w panels, 3s2p, Victron 150/60 SCC, Victron 3000/70, 24vdc inverter charger and 4 100ah Battle Born batteries, so 200ah storage. For a summer only system i think this will be sufficient. Altogether he will have less than $8,000 in a top shelf solar system.

BTW.... neighbor IS NOT a DIY'er and would rather spend the money than have to fiddle with a solar system. That's why I put this system together for him.

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