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# Posted: 25 Jun 2021 12:18

Hello all. Im considering updating our current hot water heating system. And replacing our pellet stove with a toyo brand boiler slash on demand hot water heater.
It is that time of year that I'm looking towards winter and getting our pellets in for the year. And we are considering this toyo heater for our new house and came across this unit.
Thought I may consider trading out and eliminating our electric hot water heater also.
I already have the fuel tank as I have a toyo stove in the upper level of our home and a fuel oil forced air central heating system. 3 separate heating systems, I worked remotely n couldn't take a chance on a heat failure.
We have a crawl space in our home. So access is easy. I was also considering placing our current hot water tank in line. As a pre warming vessel. Our crawl space stays near 65 degrees, water from the well is cold. So from pressure tank to the 40 or 50 gallon water tank, approximately 3 years old so in good shape, to on demand water heater to toyo boiler/HWH. Back in to existing 3/4" copper hot water pipe. Especially to my jacuzzi tub.
Questions would the tank effect the flow in a non manageable negative way? Our line pressure is 45-60 pounds. Are there folks here that use one of these ? I really like the 15 year old toyo we in our upstairs, very dependable.
Our little pellet stove has served us well for many years and is in good shape but I still have to buy pellets. I believe the fuel costs would be about the same cost but I would have eliminated our electric hot water unit. And parts n service are readily available. Pellet stove not so much, I keep extra parts on hand. And I would not have to feed it daily. But I would miss watching the flames dance around.
Summarize, we have to spend near 1,500 bucks a year for pellets. 5 pallets at 300 bucks. It pretty much heats our home with the upstairs toyo as backup. We don't use the central fuel oil forced air. But is available for backup and only has a few hours on it.
I figure I can sell the pellet stove for 800 bucks. Pay 2,300 for new toyo 2500 with other parts. N have my good buddy who is certified to install n repair these come over n have a beer n help hook it up.
What do you all think ?

# Posted: 25 Jun 2021 13:44

No link to anything visible in the message above.

I have never had an oil-burning heating appliance so haven't much to add.

# Posted: 25 Jun 2021 14:04

Im considering that the inflation/currency devaluation from printing faux money is going to be biting us in the US a lot faster than the last cycle did. Petro fuels as a commodity will fluctuate as always but higher demand (in spite of 'encouragements' for us all to go green) and money real purchase power continuing to erode WILL result in more of our income going for our own 'energy survival'.
So, gas, fuel oil, yes, pellets, etc., all those btu sources for us are going to take a bigger chunk as time goes by. Im figuring a doubling of household expenses within the next 5 years, that is what Im calculating and budgeting for so I wont be blindsided.

# Posted: 25 Jun 2021 15:45

If your pellet stove has been reliable I would keep it. One thing to keep in mind is your buying pellets off season and this keeps you away from buying at high prices. I remember when heating oil was $5-6gal and co workers where having to drive to every store within the county to try and find pellets. They prety much ran out by the end of that winter.

My experience with pellet stoves is prety bad. My wood stove never fails, but I also have backup oil heat with a heat pump water heater.

# Posted: 25 Jun 2021 17:29

Never had a pellet stove or an oil burner. Do you burn wood also? At my place it's the free, renewable energy source. I can barely keep up with the supply.

# Posted: 6 Oct 2021 10:16

I would recommend the Bosch Tronic 3000 ES4 to anyone. It is super well insulated, very efficient, compact, silent and powerful. Once heated, it will maintain the water hot enough for my outdoor shower for 24 hours.

# Posted: 6 Oct 2021 12:23

Hello all. Saw this post come up. I just happened to buy a toyo 731 yesterday. I will replace the pellet stove, but with a bit of something in me that just doesn't seem right. And not having the rec room not lit up with the orange glow of the flames dancing in the window will be missed. I told my beautiful wife we need to mount a tv on the wall n play the burning log channel. I still burn wood in our garage n at the cabin. So I get to cut a few cords a year.
Never ran out of pellets in AK and surprisingly the price is the same for like 4-5 years now. $260 bucks a pallet or just under 6 bucks a bag. Our temps are 20-40 now. We use 1 bag in 2 days so 3 bucks a day to heat. Toyo upstairs runs occasionally. My biggest issue with pellet stove is replacement parts, nothing much local or in AK for that matter. I do have major components for back up on hand.
Anyhows we are still planning on building a new home next year with the fuel oil fired toyo with water heater. Probably should buy one now as I bought the last one in AK near me. No more till February.
Yes using up the renewable resources like the beetle kill spruce that are all dead standing match sticks. And since we already lost a home to a forest fire i like to keep them cleaned up. Our choices for heat are wood, wood pellets n fuel oil. Can't consider electric. So I spend a considerable amount of time insuring my home is insulated correctly. As to preserve my resources.
I don't know how to provide a link. But if you search toyo stoves you can find them.
Thank you for the questions as I am always learning

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