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# Posted: 9 Jul 2021 17:45 - Edited by: xtolekbananx

Does anyone here have Bluetti EB240. I'm thinking of getting it instead of building a solar system. It has 2400 watt lithium battery with 1000 watt inverter and MPPT controller. Comes with 2 110v outlets, regulated 12v cigarette socket and some usb and type C. I plan on running lights (some string lights and 5 led bulbs) 12v portable refrigerator from ICECO, charging phones laptop and other electronics as well as charging batteries for power tools and vacuum cleaner. I would charge it via solar panels. If anyone here has it or similar power bank (solar generator) what is your experience? Thanks

# Posted: 9 Jul 2021 21:12 - Edited by: gcrank1

My impression of that company's products is not good, not from my experience but from comments over on:
where this stuff is talked about a lot more than here.
Mainly, the all-in-one (aio) units are pricey because they have been pre-built with assembly costs And profit margin also built in. They seem to be fine and easy when they work but not when 'something' fails.
I prefer a component system you can trouble shoot and replace bits of and/or upgrade as needed.

# Posted: 10 Jul 2021 09:37 - Edited by: razmichael

IMO you can always put together a system with better components (and cheaper) yourself. This is why these things are generally negatively commented on when reading DIY forums - people on DIY forums want to build their own systems (including planning and installing all the connecting bits and pieces - cables fuses, switches etc) BUT this takes time, know how and experience Having said that, I can appreciate the simplicity of buying a completed, integrated system that is plug & play and mobile (with the caveats gcrank1 noted). If this is the way you want to go I would look at actual user reviews to determine the quality of this system, make sure it provides the capability you need (and think about growth) and then decide if you want to pay more for the simplicity/ease of use.

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