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Small Cabin Forum / Off-Grid Living / Which water pump to go from the lake to the tank 40' elevation?
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# Posted: 27 Jul 2021 02:23

So we finally got solar and now that I hooked up a 3gpm pump vs gravity feed we are having to fill our 400l tank daily or twice a day.

I wanted to know if people had a recommendation on a ideally lower amp pump that will push that distance?
Also do you install a float so it waits until a certain point to start pumping ?

Thank you

# Posted: 27 Jul 2021 05:36

400l tank and you fill it 2x a day? What are you watering? If your filling it that often why dont you just pump directly from the lake?

# Posted: 27 Jul 2021 10:51

400l once-twice a day?
I dont think we use that much at home of a typical day confused:

# Posted: 27 Jul 2021 12:33 - Edited by: ICC

400 litres? 105 US gallons? That or more in an average day?
How many people? I hope it is more than 4. If not you should have them tote water in buckets for a day or two. That will help with conservation.

Here at home the 2 of us use about 2000 gallons a month. The math works out to 33 gallons a person per day on average. I know that is low compared to the national average.

When we travel in the bus/rv our use goes way down. Same if we go to our cabin; there a hundred gallons will last us a week. Well five days for sure and that includes showers. Not a luxurious, "I have all the time and water in the world" shoer, but a "I'm clean and do 't smell bad' kind of shower.

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