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# Posted: 29 Jul 2021 23:23

Do accumulator tanks have flow rates like 12V pumps have? I've looked some up and they don't say. If a pump is pumping into it at 5.5 GPM, that doesn't necessarily mean water is leaving the tank at 5.5 GPM, does it? My concern is restricting pump output by coupling it with a tank.

# Posted: 30 Jul 2021 00:23 - Edited by: ICC

An accumulator tank does not really have an in and an out port. So they do not present any restrictions. Some like the Shurflo and Seaflo tanks do have what looks like a connection for in and a second for out. That pair of fittings is more like a tee. There is only one passageway into the tank. They place two fittings because hat can make it easier to insert one of the tanks into a system.

Maybe this document will help explain how they function. There are drawings and diagrams.

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