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# Posted: 26 Aug 2021 00:02 - Edited by: paulz

My battery space would best be utilized with them on their sides (they are the shape of a car battery).

I googled LFP orientation and this came up:

Generally, it is recommended to have the terminals mounted in the top (upside) position, mainly because of the internal design of the cells and the fact that the safety vent needs to be on-top to work properly – see swelling. Other positions of cells are not recommended.

Then I googled Valence battery (what I have) and found this in the instructions:

Since these batteries are sealed and have no free electrolyte, they can be mounted in almost any orientation, although terminals up are recommended.

Side terminals would actually be better for me since they are under a low table. But it's not that big a deal if they would prefer to be terminals up.

Any thoughts?

# Posted: 26 Aug 2021 06:20

The Valence Company used two types of cells.
Most commonly they used the Cylindrical Cells which have no venting at all, these can be laid on their sides without issue.

On their Larger Equipment Packs (rare to see sold anywhere) they used either Cylindrical or Prismatic (older cells years ago) which have vents and cannot be laid sideways. These are Big and odd sized, rarely seen.

# Posted: 26 Aug 2021 08:23

Thanks Steve. i feel safe now with them on their sides.

Interesting about the venting cells though, never knew.

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