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# Posted: 20 Oct 2021 20:12

Is this a known potential problem, assuming of course you don't exceed the inverter wattage?

I have a 2000w inverter in my shop, with two strings of LED shop lights, 8 lights total, I think they draw 40w, plugged into a power strip. I normally only have one or two on but have tested with more. Anyway today I got to the shop, flipped on the inverter, got a red light and alarm. None of the shop lights were on. Turned it off, unplugged the power strip, turned it back on, green light. Unplugged the lights from the power strip, plugged them directly into the inverter, good to go. Unplugged them, plugged the power strip in with nothing on it, red light again. Weird. This is a known working power strip I brought from my house, and up until today was working in the shop. It has an on off switch and a circuit breaker.


# Posted: 20 Oct 2021 20:28 - Edited by: gcrank1

Maybe the operative words regarding this are 'used to be a known working p.s.'?
They do fail. My guess is the circuit breaker inside is not of the best quality. Even household c.b.'s fail. If that is the case, and you being a 'handy fellow' how about you mod it with a fuse?
Ive been running one mostly off my 300W psw for about a year. It is 'as needed' run off the little inv/gen for bigger draw stuff, like the microwave.
If it ever hiccups I'll just buy another one.

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