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Small Cabin Forum / Off-Grid Living / Preference on Vented propane thermostat controlled heaters?
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# Posted: 1 Jan 2022 14:25

Well imgur is commonly used for reddit and it does have many nekkid pictures It is not uncommon to be blocked on government and business wifi. The thermostat is 239 miles away and I couldn't find any photos on my phone. I checked the Menard's website and it appears that model isn't sold any more. The 7 day programable model is about $25 , but they still have honeywell models that sell under $20.
I used to work in a big box home improvement center, When the programable thermostats first started hitting the market. There were separate models for 24v and millivolt systems; with the millivolt being 2x the price. Now days most of the thermostats work with either system and at half the cost.

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