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# Posted: 22 Feb 2022 13:56

Using a 210 tank for water. Filled it and wanted to ensure it was shocked (hadn't been used in a long time). Bought some pool chlorine and only put in a little (researched it to see who much to use), but I still can't get the smell out. It's been 4 weeks (to give it time to dissipate. I have been opening the top when it is sunny and in the 70's. We do use a filter when we pump the water out. What else can I do to save this water.

# Posted: 22 Feb 2022 15:20 - Edited by: gcrank1

The water isnt 'bad', just smells that way.
Dont some of the pour thru water filters (charcoal?) remove the clorine smell? If so, you could do that for potable water and use the rest as is for utility. It should dissipate to less over time.
Fwiw, we have a 40ish gal rainbarrel that I treat in season with a 'dash' (heaping tablespoon?) of household clorine the 1st-ish of every month; we have no smell, mold, bugs, etc.
I empty it in the fall, up-side it for winter and give it a scrub-out in spring (little to clean really but I do it) and we are good to go.

# Posted: 22 Feb 2022 15:47

Have you measured how much chlorine is in the water? Chlorine is used in water treatment plants for disinfection and there is a allowable amount to go down the pipe straight to your house. If the water is really clean the chlorine will stay longer since it doesn't have anything to bond to to disinfect but it will go away. Chlorine looses its effectiveness over time.
Can you run it through the plumbing in the cabin and back to the storage tank? It may find more bacteria to disinfect which will reduce the residual chlorine.

# Posted: 22 Feb 2022 16:24

Quoting: gcrank1
Dont some of the pour thru water filters (charcoal?) remove the clorine smell?


Even a Brita filter will knock this way down or completely out.

Culligan makes a decent shower head/filter that works well for dealing with chlorine.

# Posted: 23 Feb 2022 08:34

Charcoal filter will remove chlorine smell/taste. How long was it stored that you felt the need to add chlorine and what color tank was it stored in?

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