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# Posted: 20 May 2022 17:13

Driving a new sand point, seemed to hit water at about 18 feet. There was 22” of water in the pipe. Took a break overnight and found 7” of thick mud the next morning. Poured a gallon and a half of water down the pipe which drained away pretty quickly down to about 12 feet and now it’s slowly draining further and cleaned the mud from the pipe. Does anyone have any insights as to what might be going on?

# Posted: 22 May 2022 06:20

Sounds like your not in the water table yet.

Do you have clay or sand?

The well for my house is 50ft deep and the ground water is only 6ft down in the dry times but with my clay a sand point would be useless. It would just clog up the point.

How ever I do have a piece of 4in pvc I buried 8ft deep with stone at the bottom that works well for s garden well.

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