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# Posted: 2 Sep 2022 11:41

We're considering a fuel oil drip stove. They do not need power to run. I'm getting a bit older n fire wood is getting heavier. I believe I have our choices narrowed down to the Kuma or jutol brands. I like that jutol is made in Maine USA. And I think I kinda like the look.
Does anyone here have experience in fuel oil drip stoves and care to share experiences.

# Posted: 2 Sep 2022 14:34

I have 4 or 5 of them ,all older 1930’s to1960’s models,I leave mine at my cabin at the Lowest possible setting as it’s overkill for my 8x16’ shack ,uses about 2 gallons of fuel every 24hrs ,it’s safe ,it’s reliable ,no smell ,the only thing I would change is I would buy a fireplace or wood stove style one ,I would like the light from the fire in the winter .I chose these over wood stoves as I can leave them running unattended,if I go to work and am gone for 16 hours my camp is warm when I return ,and I found they are great for limited cooking on ,I can throw 2 TV dinners on it when I leave for work ,and I have a hot meal when I return ,no mess no problems .I also leave a large pot of water on it so I always have very warm water available .
The only downside to me is they don’t have a thermostat to shut them down and restart them automatically ,and the aforementioned light but I will remedy that soon .

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