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# Posted: 25 Jul 2023 09:33

Been away for awhile but I am out of the hospital and back to enjoying my cabin! Hope this post is in the right place.

Built my cabin about 10 years ago now, most of the time powered by 4 Valence U27 LFP batteries (and solar). They are still working great but I suppose they will tire eventually.

I see there are still some Valence batteries for sale on Ebay, are they still a good option or are ones like Battle Born being used now?

# Posted: 25 Jul 2023 09:44

Glad to have you back Paulz! Hope all is well, I unfortunately don't have any insight on the batterys...

# Posted: 25 Jul 2023 13:57

Good to see you are still alive and kicking. I hope the hospital fixed whatever took you there.

No idea about Valence batteries. I just went to a new SOK LFP for the cabin. link to topic with some details here.

# Posted: 25 Jul 2023 17:51 - Edited by: gcrank1

Hi Paul! (been wonderin about you boy)
We have been doing great with the 2x 12v/100ah LFP's the past couple years. So well that Ive never rebuilt the solar system, we just swap in a charged bat and take the other home to recharge at our convenience. I even run our 600w toaster off a 750w msw inverter.
To your question, sort of...
Knowing what we do now I think I would buy 'less expensive' LFP bats off the 'net than what we bought locally (they were kind of middle of the road priced). Yeah, ya takes some chances but you did so with your originals too.
Btw, I recently felt good enough to get my 42yr old real deal, old school cafe racer running, it had been 4 or 5 years (kind of a barn find in my own barn, lol).
Its a '81 Yam SR500 and kind of a Beast/my tribute to the BSA DB34.
And I just got a bike on my 'grail list' for 23 years, a pretty nice 2000 Kaw W650. It is Very Sweet, the bike I wish my '63 Triumph 650 TR6 SS could have been.

# Posted: 25 Jul 2023 18:25

Welcome back Paulz.

# Posted: 25 Jul 2023 20:23

Welcome back Paulz! Hope you are healthy after whatever took you to the hospital! Really good to see you back!

We went with Chins lifepo4 batteries and are more than happy. The only thing they lack is cold temp cut-off, which you probably don't need anyway. Battle Born are sweet but the price is $$$

# Posted: 26 Jul 2023 10:18

Welcome Back PaulZ ! Hope things work out for you better than me. It's all bonus time for me anyways.

There is still "some" chatter about the Valence Batteries but not much like before. It is now quite possible to buy a "quality" 12V/100AH LFP battery for <$350 USD.

The cost of LFP has continued to drop and that's been a boost for product becoming available at more "respectable" prices.

# Posted: 26 Jul 2023 10:34

Hi again, and thanks so much for the welcome back! At this time in my life, having my cabin takes top priority of places to spend time.

Back to batteries, the link ICC provided gave me an error 404, but I was able to look up SOK batts and catch up a bit on LFPs.

When I bought my Valences back when, they were one of the few brands available on the market. A quick search now seems to show many more makers, probably good and not so good ones. May have driven prices down too, or not, depending what you get for your buck. Hopefully my four 140AH batts will still last another year. I have a large solar array, lights, toaster, microwave, washer, dryer (LP), 42” TV, internet router. and all good. Also an LP generator to charge up for non sun days.

Thanks again and so nice to see the old gang still here!

# Posted: 26 Jul 2023 12:03

In my thinking about LFP we just do not know if the 'long lifespan' is true, though I have seen a few comments from some who got in early on the chemistry that the 10yr (or more) thing is happening.
With LA we got used to/had a feel for how they degraded and could anticipate replacements easier. Im not sure we can with LFPs (yet?).
As long as yours are working well let em run and see whachaget. Come time to replace it looks like you will have plenty of choices and maybe even a new-generation chemistry.

# Posted: 27 Jul 2023 18:35

Welcome Back Paul!!

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