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# Posted: 6 Aug 2023 20:57

Ok folks please don’t laugh I’m trying to plumb an on demand water system for a sink and shower and hose bib to our converted 8x24 uhaul hunting camper
Currently my boys and I have been carrying 3 5 gallon jugs filled with water and pouring it in a five gallon bucket and using a little suction pump at the bottom of the bucket wired to a switch which we turn on and off to get water to flow.
Want I want or looking for is a diagram/drawing on where to and how to connect to make the system work.
I have a 3500 watt generator which I have a plug that connects to a box on the side of the uhaul and then plugs into the generator that once it’s fired up runs our few appliances and lights in the uhaul.
My water source will now be 2 55gallon drums connected together then needing it plumbed to our sink / outdoor shower head and hose bib on the side of the uhaul. I have a 3 gallon per minute pump on hand and a portable LP water heater I’m wanting to tie into the system along with a filter I need to purchase. Trying to get this all to run of the generator and when I turn on the sink or shower on the hot setting get hot water from the lo water heater. Plumbing can be pex or pvc. Thanks for the advice and expertise in advance.


# Posted: 7 Aug 2023 08:32

Not sure what part your having issues with or if its all of it. And since that is a lot of typing, I'd suggest going to the FarOutRide website. They have a great explanation of all of their electrical and plumbing systems on a converted van. It more well done than I'll ever be able to explain.

# Posted: 11 Aug 2023 13:03

I'd recommend just laying out a simple diagram like this one, starting at your water source and ending at your fixtures.

This one shows electric water heater, but the layout would be the same for you.

Depending on the kind of filtration you want to do, put in a basic large particle sediment filter before the pump, and a finer filter on anything you're going to drink. You don't want too restrictive of a filter before the pump and starve it for water, but you also don't want to pump junk through it either.

If you have a 12 volt water pump, I'd get on Amazon and buy a, AC-to-DC converter. Wire your pump to a cigarette plug and you can use this right from an outlet being powered by your generator.

Once you get everything plugged in and pressurized it should work just like a regular plumbing setup. When you open a valve on the sink or shower, the pump will sense the pressure change and kick on and send water through the system.

# Posted: 11 Aug 2023 17:53

An older thread on here has a pretty good discussion and diagrams. Try here:

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