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Gregoire guy
# Posted: 7 Aug 2023 08:01

Good day. i have a renogy system with 4 200a/hr batteries, and 800w of solar panels (all 12v)
looking to incorporate a wind turbine in the system, but i cant get info from Renogy, as they are strictly solar. the turbine has it's own controller, with the +/- output. am i able to tie this in to the feeds from the solar panels (i see they have diodes for back current)
would appreciate any comments/ suggestions. thank you, Greg

# Posted: 7 Aug 2023 08:28

if it has its own controller, then you should tie that directly to your batteries. Or don't use that controller and tie it into your current charge controller if it has the room for the extra capacity

# Posted: 7 Aug 2023 09:40

Have you really looked into a wind generators specs? They need quite alot of wind to do the same charging a 100w solar pannel does.

Are all your pannels 12v?

# Posted: 7 Aug 2023 10:02

Wind systems require a charge controller that is designed to use a dump load. Charge controllers sold as a solar charge controller do not often have this ability. You can connect both s solar controller and a wind controller to the same batteries simultaneously. Wind systems are often a disappointment unless the blades are at least 30 feet above ground, trees, buildings.

# Posted: 7 Aug 2023 10:52

Everything that Ive seen for decades (other than marketing hype) regarding small scale wind is a waste of money and time, then more time and money trying to make what you've got work so you dont lose all the money and time.
Fwiw, I started looking into small scale wind back in the early 1980's and have kind of followed it since.
Im waiting for the loaf of bread sized nuclear fusion reactor/generator for home use.

# Posted: 7 Aug 2023 12:01

First, I will answer your question. You shouldn't mix wind and solar on the same controller as they put out vastly different power profiles. Wind should have its own controller that goes directly to the batteries. The simplest is a alternator voltage regulator but it has no advanced features like breaking or voltage boost. More advanced controllers do boost, breaking and dump loads.

Now with all that said. I lived on solar and wind for 5 years. I had a 400W wind generator with a advanced controller. Short answer, I HATED IT. It produced very little power (compared to solar) and made a ton of noise. This was on a boat in the trade winds (so pretty much perfect environment for a wind).

For my terrestrial power needs, I won't even look at wind. It just makes no sense when I can just add more solar.

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