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# Posted: 10 Nov 2023 06:07

Good Day everyone.

I thought I would post this information as this is quite significant. Victron has lowered the prices on several components, including their Solar Controllers.

Here is a link to the Victron Store on Amazon.CA but their pricing changes are corporate, so use ebay or whatever as you like. =2&visitId=18f02f06-c99d-4f60-a5cc-045d42923737&ref_=ast_bln&terms=mppt

# Posted: 10 Nov 2023 09:14

I just went on Amazon this morning to take a look at the Victron 150/35 SCC I want to replace my shop's Epever with. Low and behold it was 40% off, $184,00. That is a really good price for that SCC.... it's on the way!

# Posted: 10 Nov 2023 09:50

It is very worthwhile to peruse the Victron Goodies especially now with the new price structures... I "almost" regret getting the extra Midnite Solar stuff earlier this spring.

Maybe folks do not realize but their 12V Inverters up to 2000W are super efficient (the most efficient on the market) are really well priced now too...

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