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# Posted: 28 Nov 2013 09:03
Reply has the PowerhouseŽ 2000W Inverter Generator on sale for $399. I already have a Honda 2000 and have used it extensively at the cabin for construction (far from done but into the finishing stuff now). I do not like to leave the Honda at the cabin (and like having it at home) but do not want to lug it back and forth so figured I was at the stage where I should get a cheap generator that I could leave at the cabin for backup and the occasional power tool use. I'm off-grid but might need to augment the charging on occasion as well.
I fully realize the power house is a cheap version with the cheap Chinese engine I was also looking at a Champion 2000 (non inverter) for $100 less. Online reviews seem to be OK (as you would expect for price point) with the odd horror stories - but I see this on any kitchen appliance I look into!
You get what you pay for but you don't always need the best! Any feedback from member who have one?

# Posted: 28 Nov 2013 10:58

I have the little Powerhouse 500 and it is an engineering nightmare but the neat thing was I bought it online and when I called them back with my complaints and the fact there were NO support centers they quickly told me they would refund the entire amount, and didn't want it back (Because that is PowerHouses Policy) not being out anything I decided to keep the little bugger and fix the problems.

The fraying starter cord...grease it, no case ventilation from fuel overflow...vent to outside, short pull cord....just be careful and aware not to over pull...but the real bugger was the large amount of metal shavings in the engine not over 15 minutes to warm then flush the oil...did that 4 times and now has no trace of metal in oil.

Starting was a problem....cold blooded even warm...always full choke before starting cold or hot always starts first pull every time.

As a further precaution I also run a 25% mix of Lucas Oil Conditioner in the crank case as insurance as well as Lucas Ethanol conditioner that replaces the lubricating qualities of the gas that Ethanol removes in all of my engines.

The 2000 is a different beast, I've seen no short pull cord complaints, the case is vented, Id say give it a shot and use it for just under the return period, if it works great if not you'll probably get it for free...can't really loose.

But if you need rock solid reliability when you get to your place I'd stay with a Honda and then stash it where only you will know where it is between visits.

The PowerHouse in my case is the front line generator but I also have the Yamaha 1000 i and the Onan Tag Along 450 as backups.

# Posted: 28 Nov 2013 11:04

Thanks groingo. Interesting info on the returns. Also helps that if bought through costco they are really good on returns.

Quoting: groingo
I'd stay with a Honda and then stash it where only you will know where it is between visits.

I hear what you are saying about the Honda and this is what I did while in the main building stage. Problem is I also like to have the honda around the house where, in reality, the rock solid reliability is more important. If the generator breaks at the cabin chances are I just do less work and more relaxing! i can live with that.

Appreciate the feedback.

# Posted: 28 Nov 2013 11:31

I have had 2 other china made genny's that sounded like a great deal.They are pretty but when push come to shove,The Honda runs circles around them.I am convinced that Honda's are worth the money.Their quiet,start easy and last a long time.

# Posted: 28 Nov 2013 16:29

Quoting: razmichael
If the generator breaks at the cabin chances are I just do less work and more relaxing! i can live with that.

That sounds like a plan too!

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