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# Posted: 26 Mar 2021 21:06 - Edited by: redneckpaul

Was a mild open winter in Eastern MT until february when the polar vortex moved down. Maybe 8 inches of snow and didn`t get above zero for 10 days. When I finally went to the cabin it was 8 degree F inside. The low on the memory was -40 F outside. My main generator wouldn`t start and my backup champion with 4300 hours started on the 4 th pull...go figure. Took 12 hours and 3 tanks on my buddy heater to get it to 60 F.
Some of the global warming idiots said it was "global warming" that caused the extreme cold weather...figure that one out!

# Posted: 27 Mar 2021 13:06 - Edited by: groingo

Come on, they haven't used the term "Global Warming" for 10 years, it's Climate Change meaning more severe swings in climate behavior not just warming, simple fact is mans activities have altered what would have been natural cycles, Ma Nature tends to get ticked when you play in her sandbox so she eliminates the . .so to speak.

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