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SE Ohio
# Posted: 24 Sep 2014 13:11

Anyone use an air purifier at their cabin? I have an occasional asthmatic guest at my off-grid cabin and would like to try an air purifier. I can see a couple of possibilities:

1. Use an inverter to drive a ~$90 120 VAC unit from Lowes. Unit specs say 55 watts (fan on high I'm guessing, with lower power use at low fan setting), so I can guess I'll draw 5 amps/hour or so with the inverter hooked up to 12 volts. Don't know if I'll need a pure sine wave inverter or if I can use my Harbor Freight cheapie inverter, and I bet customer service 800 number for purifier doesn't know either...

My solar panel is only 45 watts, but my golf cart batteries should be able to supply needed watts for short stays.

2. Purchase online a $200 (before shipping) 12v/5W unit that is undersized for my 14' x 24' cabin.

Either way, purifier stays on all day/night for weekend visits.

Anyone have any experience with this, or recommendations?

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