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# Posted: 23 Nov 2014 10:28

I have been off grid for about 11/2 years. Cabin runs on 5 kW propane generator. I have been reading up on solar for a few years with the help of AWS forum. We have been using a kil-o-watt meter for the past year to determine our loads. We are averaging 2200 WH in winter and 1800 WH per day in summer. This is only a weekend get away and fishing and hunting camp. Cabin is closed up Dec. through April. One of many questions is pertaining to inverters. Magnums split phase verses single. The MS4024PAE, 4000va, is that 2000va per L1 and L2 ? I only have one device, well pump that is 240 volts. I am considering getting a 120 volt shallow well pump and leaning towards magnums MSH4024RE @ 4000va. The generator support feature looks apealing for our use. Any comments good or bad would be appreciated. The Outback GFX grid tie looks good also, but not sure of factory support sense I would be using it for off grid.

# Posted: 23 Nov 2014 11:21 - Edited by: MtnDon

Q? You have batteries? I only ask as you make no mention.

Re the MS4024PAE; total continuous power output is 4000 VA (or watts). Each leg can handle up to 27 amps @ 120 VAC. The two 120 VAC legs can have up to 81% imbalance. There are permitted surge currents for specific time lengths (5, 30 secs, etc.) listed in the user manual.

Unless there have been changes in recent years the Outback GFX don't work well with most generators. It used to be that an inverter generator was about all that can be used with them. But I would call them to be certain about current grid tie models that work well with any generator before condemning them.

Re the MSH4024RE. Not familiar with that model. It would seem to be great for grid tied systems with battery backup. But I have not looked too hard at it. Magnum has good customer service according to a friend who has the MS4048PAE inverter/charger (48 volts version). Outback service has been good to me in past years. They have had some changes and I have no recent experience with their customer service.

# Posted: 23 Nov 2014 12:26

MtnDon, I have not purchased anything yet, but I have looked at batteries. Trojan or US battery. L16 380ah@20hr rate. I know I will be charging batteries with generator, so looking at inverters with auto gen start, possible load sharing feature also. I will read up on Outbacks as I have read a lot of good things about them.

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