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# Posted: 16 Sep 2010 15:16

getting tired of lugging generator in and out of cabin. needed to run a/c for wife. soon solar and propane can handle the load.

i would like to build a small hidden bunker to leave generator in. needs to be secure. any suggestions?

# Posted: 16 Sep 2010 16:02

I did this. I bought one of those plastic trashcan holders. Rubber maid or something like that. Placed it next to a tree, drilled a hole in the back and ran a chain and lock around a tree and the handle of the gen. Not real stealthy but was pretty easy to do. Then I just hook the cable up when needed. Was easy to do in 1 trip out there.

# Posted: 17 Sep 2010 11:21

Remember that your genny will still need air, both for cooling and breathing. Give it at least two good vents, and keep on eye on it the first time. If it overheats, either increase the vent size or add a fan.

# Posted: 17 Sep 2010 15:20

I actually just open the top and the 2 front doors. My genset is actually pretty quiet. I just got tired hauling it down steps everytime I needed to use it. This way its out of the weather and I don't have to move it.

Gary O
# Posted: 17 Sep 2010 19:28

I too am considering this.
Hauling our low end 3500w Jenny in and out is energy misdirected.
I'm thinking about a steel gang box, so I can lock it up without much worry.
Yeah, two vents, or better yet, just flip open the door (as Steve suggests) when in use....

# Posted: 20 Sep 2010 13:23

A property I looked at onetime had a dog house with the roof on hinges. When you ran the generator you left the roof tilted open. I though it was a cleaver idea as it really looked like just a dog house.

# Posted: 26 Sep 2010 00:56

I have the dog house style lawnjoky mentions except I got the idea from a book on living in the country. Hm.. good ideas are out there. It fits my propane jenny great, my little "baby" jenny gets carried around, it's one of the Honda style EU1000i, really light, just put it in or out of shed when ever.
the premade rubbermaid style is available from home depot I thought of useing this myself on the deck ctId=202046942&langId=-1&catalogId=10053&MERCH=REC-_-product-1-_-202046946-_-20204694 2-_-N&locStoreNum=1502&marketID=51 , for the little jenny, just add some vents from home depot, the grill style for heat or the style used on a houses gable for ventilation.

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