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# Posted: 2 Aug 2015 13:51

I've been wanting to replace my old fashioned quartz solar floods for some time and now that my batteries appear to be dying I'd rather replace the unit than the battery.
These URL look like really good units, with extremely high lumens of output and color temperature choices, but, wow, the price!

Got me to wondering if anyone has hit on a good unit that they would recommend.

Mine are mounted under the eaves (single story) and I'd need to throw illumination in probably a 45 to 90 arc and out perhaps 25 feet.

# Posted: 2 Aug 2015 15:02

I have two Sunforce led floods i've been real happy with (60 leds i think, got em on sale). The one battery pack died after a year but I went to their website and they sent me a new pack for 10 bucks, including shipping and tax. Which I thought was pretty decent.

They are adjustable, but one is more sensitive. So it goes on the wide open area. And the other went in a smaller area with trees and flapping stuff. Worked out perfect.

Cept when it spooked a skunk and he left a reminder that he doesn't like surprises.

# Posted: 2 Aug 2015 17:21

Here is an option if you can tie into your solar system instead of independent lights. ie=UTF8&qid=1438549544&sr=8-1&keywords=12v+led+flood

I put 3 of them and then switched from a panel and am very happy with the output and load draw too.

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