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# Posted: 12 Oct 2010 06:57 - Edited by: toddheyn

I am getting ready to install my small propane refrigerator in my 12x16' cabin. The refrigerator is a pull out from an RV. Small, just like a dorm size one.

I plan on making a plywood box that the fridge slides in to that will be fixed to the exterior wall and then installing a lower and upper vent on the outside just like the specs call for.

Here is my question - With the heat the the burning propane puts off, do I need to worry about the plywood box getting to hot? Do I need to line the inside of the box with metal or something else to prevent a fire hazard?

Looking for your thoughts and ideas.

Thanks in Advance,


# Posted: 12 Oct 2010 08:58

I have the same setup. Only I installed mine in a box on the porch. It seemed to get pretty warm next to and on top the burner. I dont think it is enough to worry about but I put some cement board on the back and top. I did look at my sisters RV and the walls all around the fridge were just paneling with the vent on the outside.

# Posted: 21 Oct 2010 14:34

As dk pointed out RV's do little if anything different in the area the fridge is installed. The important thing is to provide for an proper flow of air over the coils at the rear of the unit. You need a lower intake and an upper exit for the warm air. The efficiency of the unit can be increased having as little space behind the unit as possible. Adding a baffle behind the coils, to force the air through the coils will result in higher efficiency. many installations I've seen have too much free space behind the coils, allowing the air to bypass the coils.

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