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# Posted: 16 Jan 2017 13:37

Have been looking for energy efficient refrigerator freezers and came accross this one which does seem to have a good reputation and may meet my requirements.

Anyone actually have one?

# Posted: 16 Jan 2017 14:45 - Edited by: DaveBell

I do not have one.
I did some research on 12V fridges a couple of years ago and liked the Engel Combi fridge and freezer. But was expensive. Was one that was both, not one or the other.

Quoting: groingo
does seem to have a good reputation

I could not find any comparisons or in-depth reviews. May be new to market. Web site does not show where its from although I think its from Canada. Some brands origin from Japan.

There are reviews on the net, but could not find that brand.

There were two types of compressors Danfoss and another that the reviewers seem to key in on. If I was 12V only, I would have one, just not sure which. I like ice cubes for my Margarita.

# Posted: 16 Jan 2017 16:41

I have that exact unit. We've been using it for 3 years on trips to our place in Nova Scotia, and it has performed very well. The only problem we experienced was that the unit we bought had plastic side handles, not the steel ones the current models use, and they broke after 2 seasons. The lid hinges were also plastic and seemed flimsy. The manufacturer was super helpful and shipped us replacement steel handles and hinges that work much better. The new handles have a different hole pattern than the old ones, but only required drilling 2 new holes per handle for the self-tapping screws. The hinges were a straight bolt-up. I got everything installed in 10 minutes or so and they are a great improvement over the flimsy plastic; very beefy and rugged. I believe the newer models ship with the steel handles and hinges standard now.

Overall it has been a great purchase. It runs equally well on 12v DC and 120v AC. Holds the cold well, seems well insulated and has withstood numerous bangs and bumps. We use it for 4-6 weeks a year and it has performed well. Its great for tailgating, car camping, and as an outdoor drinks cooler for parties. As long as the model you purchase has the upgraded steel hardware I have no reservations recommending it

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