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# Posted: 7 Feb 2017 08:43

Has anyone used thermoelectric generators to charge 12V leisure batteries from a woodstove. I have wood and cooling water. No Solar winter side of equinox. No wind.
I found the thread below:
Any updates??

# Posted: 7 Feb 2017 08:54

The Russians in Siberia used to use kerosene lanterens with crude TEG's on them to run their radios.

I can only assume they have come a long way since then.

Some good reading on the history here...



Nate R
# Posted: 7 Feb 2017 10:57

I see there's TEGs available. Make sure you look at the efficiency curves, the air cooled wood stove units seem to be pretty inefficient. Seems like a liquid cooled one might do OK. (I was looking more closely at the Devil Watt branded units.)

# Posted: 8 Feb 2017 20:27 - Edited by: bldginsp

The Devil Watt are pretty expensive

45 watt, $527 =$12/watt
100 watt, $725 =7.25/watt

Power Pot
10 watt, $165 =$16.50/watt
5 watt, $100 =$20/watt

So even though the Power Pots are much more expensive per watt, they are much less to buy. What I'm thinking is that if I have the woodstove going 24/7 then a 10 or even 5 watt could be left charging a USB type battery, then use that to charge phone, tablet, lantern.

What I'd prefer would be a 25watt that could charge two batteries.

Edit- found it- -wood-burning-stove-thermoelectric-generator/

# Posted: 6 Nov 2019 12:08

Hi...try putting them outdoors in sunlight instead of in the basement under a tarp. Mine produce 4 W hours per rated Watt in the Cariboo. If they're telling lies like that they are most likely selling a piece of junk. The claim that this thing is equal to a 100 Watt panel in S. Cal. is suspect. Such a panel would produce 385 Watt hours per day. Their device @ 15 Watts over 24 hours: 360 Watt hours, if it could maintain its maximum output.

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