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# Posted: 23 Apr 2017 11:48 - Edited by: groingo

Well after three weeks of B.S. I finally got grid power to charge the Leaf.
A very important lesson learned here in Washington is if you have your power disconnected for over a year, once you go to re connect your entire electrical system needs to brought up to current code...that was the thousand dollar lesson.
So I had them put in a "Temporary service" which gives me a new box and 200 amp service with a pair of 120 volt gfi outlets to use but is dedicated sole for car charging and not the cabin....having to hook to the grid still leaves a bad taste in my mouth which helps with the motivation to make the solar charge work.
Also made the adapter so if need be can recharge from a Pure Sine Wave generator as a backup.
Am still working on charging from panels which is getting close but at this point not pressing as getting to know the car is more important at this point.

# Posted: 23 Apr 2017 22:34

Groingo, doesn't the Leaf have a 220V charger port? If so, will charge in half time and with a 220A service, you can easily install a 220VAC plug.

The temporary service panel, how long is temporary?

# Posted: 24 Apr 2017 00:21

Going to steer clear of the 220 fast chargers, ok for occasional use but bad for battery life especially on the Leaf batteries.
The temporary requirement is indefinite as the WAC's define it as for new or future construction, testing or experimental uses.

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