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# Posted: 26 Apr 2017 05:18

Anybody know anything about these kits on amazon? Good deal or junk? 2?ie=UTF8&qid=1493197834&sr=8-2&keywords=2000+watt+off+grid+solar+system

# Posted: 26 Apr 2017 08:02

Pretty much junk. The solar charge controller I got does not work to control the load. Feedback from the vendor is poor. The solar panel seems to work OK.

# Posted: 26 Apr 2017 08:08

Just looking at those specs, I say "Stay Away".
1) PWM Controller.
2) 24pcs of 90W (likely surplus) panels ? for 2kw...

By the time you add Inverter/Charger + Batteries there is another 2+ grand.

I have to point out, that by fall 500W panels will be available from many manufacturers. That means more price drops and better deals across the board.

Currently, you would be better off with 8x 250/260W panels or 6x 350W panels, which are at their Best Price Points for watts-to-dollar. Higher wattage = cheaper per watt.

MPPT Controller will allow you to overpanel (compensate for less than optimal capture) and handle the higher wattage / voltage panels. They really should just stop selling PWM altogether...

Batteries ! Not Included in that kit, no surprise at 1900.00... Some will say GO LITHIUM and while I will say, that IF you can afford to do so, do it BUT Lithium is $$$ and that entire industry is changing so terribly fast, especially with the new Solid State LiIon Packs and what is coming out from BMW, Mercedes & Tesla for HomePower Banks...

Ideally You need a Charge Controller which will handle Multiple Battery Types giving you the most flexibility. You want good batteries which will last but not break the bank... For an Inverter it is certainly preferable to get a Pure-Sine Inverter to prevent frying electronics or burning out motors (fridge/well/etc). An Inverter with built in Charger can certainly simplify life while reducing equipment.

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