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# Posted: 3 Sep 2017 16:12

I have been looking at getting a propane chest freezer but( holycow)are they expensive. Any of you folks got any first hand experience with using one or any advice for me?

# Posted: 3 Sep 2017 18:19 - Edited by: rockies

If you have access to solar power or the grid I would use a very efficient small freezer from SunDanzer. Either this size or one of their larger ones. They are about the best off grid freezers available.

The amount of propane needed to run a freezer is too high of an ongoing expense (plus all the refilling and hauling of tanks).

If you don't already have solar I would consider adding a very small solar panel system that would also allow you to have some DC lighting.

# Posted: 3 Sep 2017 19:42 - Edited by: ICC

Yeah, why propane? Solar powered electric is the way to go. I've had a German Steca freezer for about 6 years. 12/24 VDC. Very pleased with it. I used to have two propane fridges and sold them both when I changed to an LG inverter motor electric fridge (120 VAC) last year.

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