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# Posted: 5 Oct 2017 06:50

Good day folks

Planning a Solar Install ? Your about to get nailed by the regressive thinking in Washington... Buy now or pay much more later...

There is some terrible news for those US Citizens intending to install new solar panels and solar projects around the Nation... The US ITC (International Trade Commission) is about to make recommendations for heavy tariffs on Imported Solar Panels / Cells which will push the price per watt up quite significantly, this recommendation is expected soon and the POTUS has already stated he wants heavy tariffs, so...

Should be noted that the two primary companies who requested this ITC are NOT US Owned, in fact, one is primarily German Owned and Suniva is mostly Chinese owned. This ruling will not only increase Cost per Watt in the USA, it will cost some 150,000+ jobs as well, if it goes through as is and the US Solar Industry is fighting it as this will really hurt them too.... Should this ruling & recommendation go through and the current US Gov. falls for it, they will help to secure the growth & expansion of the offshore Manufacturers, NOT of US Manufacturers because the rest of the world will look towards the cheaper imports and lowering US Product Export sales as well (double whammy, no extra charge). Ironically Funny how this "manipulation" to Self-Injure the US Industry & reduce US adoption of Solar Power while increasing global market for the offshore producer's was so easy to pull off and play with Mr. Trumps own bias & prejudice.... All the while as the US Gov't is about to subsidize Coal & Nuclear to support industries in retreat... OI !

PS: Don't shoot the Messenger - Just letting folks know what is headed down the pipe at you...

Reference Articles Below. ling/
** Above one is funny (in a sad way) 200 jobs while 150,000 to be wiped out...

Scott G
# Posted: 5 Oct 2017 08:21

Ouch...that's not good at all.

# Posted: 5 Oct 2017 10:23

It will be interesting to follow this and see what actually happens......hopefully this can be fine-tuned to do what it was supposed to......promote US companies .
We'll see. Fortunately I am buying my panels now anyway....

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