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# Posted: 3 Feb 2011 10:49

i have seen these 4thousand watt peak power inverters in harbor freight i am not sure how to use this or if it maybe something i could use to run a small tv or cd player or a lamb or two for temporay use. i would appreciate any avice. Thanks

# Posted: 3 Feb 2011 11:09

You need batteries to supply the DC power to the inverter. You also need some way to recharge the batteries. If you are only using a small tv or cd player, s lsmp.... you probably do not need 4000 watts output.

The place to start is to total up the se; how many things maximum you'd operate at one time. That will determine how large an inverter. Then total up how many watt hours total would be consumed between battery charges; tat will determine battery capacity required. From that a method of recharging can be computed. A PV system sizing calculator can be found HERE.

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