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Small Cabin Forum / Off-Grid Living / Using newer propane stove in cabin oven has a constant 300 watt draw.
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# Posted: 21 Apr 2018 17:33

We upgraded our stove to an electric after a gas leak in our home so I took the propane stove to my cabin. At my cabin I had been using a camp stove and was excited to have a real stove with an oven for my cabin. The gas stoves today aren't like the old days though where they use a pilot light to light the burners and oven. Instead they use an electric spark unit to light the eyes. In the oven however it uses a glow plug type thing that stays red hot the entire time that the oven is on. I hooked my Kill a Watt to the stove and turned the oven on. It is drawing 300 watts the entire time that the oven is on. My freezer fridge conversion uses 130 watts in a 24 hour period total.

# Posted: 21 Apr 2018 18:09 - Edited by: ICC

Yep, glow bar ranges suck off grid. You can get ranges with ovens that are off grid friendly though. Just have to look.

# Posted: 21 Apr 2018 18:33

Premier makes good propane stoves. I like the sealed burner ones with the battery spark ignition. Of course, it makes sense to avoid the extras like built-in clocks, etc when you're off grid.

# Posted: 21 Apr 2018 19:34

I have a "Unique Brand" offgrid cook stove which only has a D cell for the ignitors that are more like a piezo type of start.

REF for anyone interested:

I do believe that on some types of stoves, the oven glowbar can be replaced BUT there may be safety issues, regulations etc depending on where you are and your insurance co. and any clauses in policies. The glowbar is always on to ignite the gas when it cycles, so it's not just an easy swap I don't think. My previous Caloric Brand gas cook stove also had a glowbar and could not be changed out, you could use the top without power but not the oven.

If you check around and do some searches on the make & model of your stove you may be able to find out if that glowbar can be swapped out.

Good Luck, hope it's a simple one to fix.

# Posted: 21 Apr 2018 21:31 - Edited by: Wilbour

We use a natural gas oven at home. Never gave it much thought but wow! This coild be a huge energy hog during peak billing times!

Ontario lakeside
# Posted: 22 Apr 2018 12:27

we light our burners with a match, no need for the oven at the cabin.

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