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# Posted: 25 Jun 2018 14:21

I tried to see if this has been attacked on the forum in the past, but nothing jumped out so here goes. I have a cabin in southern Minnesota and at this time I have a antenna on a 15 foot tripod on back. The signal is "ok" and I have an app that helped me point the antenna in the best direction to receive a decent connection. Well, it works "ok" some of the time, but the channels come and go and are very affected by weather. My question is, do any of you use satellite to get better connections and if so - what's your hookup and about how much does it run ($). I only go to the cabin about once or twice a month, pretty much all year round with a little more in the fall during hunting seasons.

Thanks in advance for recommendations.

# Posted: 25 Jun 2018 17:29

Do you have satellite at the main residence? You can get an RV addon to your subscription for $7 a month with DishTV.

# Posted: 25 Jun 2018 18:20

I go to the cabin to get away from TV. There's no TV reception there and I like it that way. That said, I manage a satellite internet and wifi system for about 30 families in our cabin community. Satellite signal is, always will be, affected by weather, I have a friend in town who has dish TV and he says the same thing.

Ours is They don't provide TV, but if you're desperate there's Netflix and Hulu, etc., over internet. There are a few satellite internet providers but they all use the same satellites. I can't speak to the cost as I don't handle that end of it, but it's not cheap.

# Posted: 26 Jun 2018 04:46 - Edited by: DaveBell

The farther north you are, the lower angle on the horizon the dish is pointed for geosynchronous birds. Weaker signal power and more terrestrial interference. Are there any power substations, power lines, or comm towers in your path? A mile or two.

You may be on the fringe of the satellite footprint. I would first check signal reception quality of others in the area that have the same service. If they get good signal, your dish may not be pointed correctly. You can get weak signal on the side lobes and assume you are centered on the bird.

If you are on the north or south side lobes or the east or west side lobes, you will see as you move the dish, no signal, signal, no signal, signal, no signal. ( a small hill, a valley, and another small hill of signal)

When you see that, you are on a side lobe. The correction is to find that valley of no signal (I bolded it above) then stop and then sweep the other direction.

You are centered when you sweep the dish and get no signal, big signal, no signal. If you find you are on the side lobes and still cannot get centered, you may have to call a pro with a spectrum analyzer.

# Posted: 26 Jun 2018 06:00

Quoting: DaveBell
no signal, signal, no signal, signal, no signal

Kinda like working the single shower control at the hotel

# Posted: 5 Dec 2019 20:30

If you are going off grid and need a TV.......then stay a home.

Eddy G
# Posted: 5 Dec 2019 20:49

We have the same situation with our antenna..
We get maybe 4 to 6 stations ...
I like to get up early and watch the news with my coffee, especially on a rainy morning.
It’s also nice to cuddle up on the couch and watch Svengoolie after a hard days work...
When we loose reception we use the DVD player to watch a scary movie or classic something or other...
It’s just nice to have the option.
Maybe someday I’ll justify the expense of satellite but i don’t see it for now...
We have ZERO cell coverage so I’d consider a land line before that..

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