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# Posted: 23 May 2019 14:13

Good Day folks,

I'm now in the process of upgrading my Solar System and installing a Samlex 4024 Inverter/Charger and as such several things are now available. I'm posting it here FIRST for 2 weeks and if not sold, then onto Kijiji for more $ !

ITEMS: Won't separate.
*- APC-3024 Combi, Low Frequency Inverter/Charger by Yiyen.
APC-3000W-24V, 120VAC @ 60Hz output, 45A (±5A) Battery Charger.
Surge Rating 9000W (20sec), Capable of starting 3HP motor. See Info attached.
*- MidNite Solar MNEDC175 175A DC Breaker (only)
*- Pair of Inverter Cables #2/0, 10' long.
*- Pair of Breaker->Inverter #2/0 Cables 4' long.
*- Set of 8 Battery Interconnects #2/0, 12" long.
*- DC Switch (disconnect Batteries to breaker (+) line)

MNDC-175 Info
Yiyen Website (APC Inverter details) China

Conditions of sale:
Cash Only, cannot ship (Inverter is heavy! so $$)
can deliver within 250km of Pembroke, Ontario (CFB Petawawa).
Asking $1500 CDN

Contact me via the Board here or by sending me an email to CanuckSIS AT

Note, I am not online everyday, sometimes a few days apart, I will respond when I see a message.

APC Inverter/Charger
APC Inverter/Charger
AP_Inverter_Manual.p.pdfAttached file: APC Manual

Scott G
# Posted: 23 May 2019 16:11

Too bad. I'm in NB, too far to drive.

# Posted: 24 May 2019 10:40

Well Scott, I haven't a clue what shipping costs would be, I figure it weights something like 60 lbs ish. I have the original box for the inverter but not the foam (that's no problem) but I'd have to put all the extras into another box with the inverter so with all that copper & everything that's probably another 10/15 lbs ?.

I just checked on Canada Post and Max Weight is 66lbs, from here to Moncton NB, see below. Might be cheaper with another courier, I don't know... I'm importing crap and always shocked at prices but I never anything anywhere, so new territory.

Regular ParcelTM - 4 business days - $56.73
XpresspostTM - 2 business days (Guaranteed) - $139.23
PriorityTM* - 2 business days (Guaranteed) - $266.57

# Posted: 25 May 2019 11:14

These are both good starter inverter/chargers. But I would recommend for off grid going 48v. And you might look at the Schneider sw (240v) or victron quattro.

The Victron in particular has both snazzy grid/genny tied features and awesome voltage flexibility for tO'Day aND tomorrows battery tech.

In 24v look at the new multiplus.

For shipping, look at DOCK TO DOCK with someone like day&ross. .02

# Posted: 25 May 2019 12:46 - Edited by: Steve_S

Heya Creeky

Have a look at the Samlex 4024 Specs and how configurable it is... holy cannelloni ! Sadly Samlex only goes up to 24V for now but with dual AC input (grid / genny) with built in auto-switch plus direct ports for their Solar Controllers, makes for a nice package. Albeit just a hair lower than Victron in pricing.

Samlex EVO-4024 Pure Sine Inverter/Charger which is running around $2200 cdn

For me, 24V is OK (plus have much vested in my current batteries) but for bigger needs 48V is much better.

# Posted: 26 May 2019 09:20

I like Samlex. They were using TBS under the hood for their high end inverters. Which was cool.

So the product will be very good. In a competitive environment. Schneider SW has a great rep and its the same price. I think they went up this year. And like you say. The MultiPlus from Victron is just a bit more or less. The 3000w is less but the 5000 is more. They don't have a 4.

I would probably suggest you wait until your batteries die. How old are they now? Must be getting close. If I was upgrading part of my system it would be the batteries every time. Weakest link. And lithium would give you 20% more everything just by changing chemistry.

# Posted: 26 May 2019 09:36

My batteries are 4 years old and still holding at 1275 across all cells. Those Rolls batteries take it well ! The HydroVolt doesn't lie. These batteries will outlive me with a 99% chance !

Anyways, this thread is gone sideways... Ohhh well, it will remain posted till anyone expresses interest and then to Kijiji.

Regarding the Inverter/Charger for sale, if anyone has questions or anything regarding the unit, please feel free to ask... no such thing as a stupid question, except for the one not asked.

It's always worked perfectly well and even beat my expectations in fact. The only reason I am upgrading to 4Kw is that I am adding new equipment into my little world and I just wanted to ensure I have the "elbow room" for my gear and have some room to spare. For the demanding work like running my compressor & MIG Welder, I still have to use the Big Generator which is fine as those things are only used on rare occasions as I am quit Power Frugal.

Have a Marvelous Day everyone !

# Posted: 27 May 2019 09:38

I didn't mean to hijack your post.

I've replaced a few lead systems with Rolls batteries.

One of the replacements I've done. 12 years with Surrettes. The guy is grid tied so his batteries were basically charged by solar during the day and then ran for as long as they lasted at night. Huge system.

After replacement, last summer he went 8 months without using a single electron from the grid. Something he'd never done before. You should have seen his smile when he told me about how well the new lithium pack was working.

Another pack, new. It was actually cheaper to go lithium than lead. They are fully off grid with a beautiful home. Fridge, freezer, etc. Even some resistance heating. Not that they need it. The house made passive standard on the door test. The owner spent hours searching for any possible leak and sealing. They went with the Lumos air exchanger. ERV. Pretty neat system. Anyway. I digress.

Sorry. But lead is dead. Solar energy storage benefits from the efficiency of the new technology.

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