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# Posted: 14 Jun 2019 10:43

I recently contacted Morningstar tec support regarding a used CC I purchased from an online auction. They responded via email same day and were very helpful with a couple of follow up questions I had as well...I was very impressed. I ended up returning this CC.

A few days later I received an email regarding the webinar so I thought I'd pass it along. I signed up for it and there was no fee. Some may find it usefull or interesting. The Effects of Oversizing PV Arrays caught my attention.

What it's going to cover:

Battery Charging stages
Differences between PWM and MPPT Controllers
Effects of Oversizing PV Arrays
Efficiency variations with output power
Electronic and environmental protection
Controller/Inverter features and accessories
High voltage charge controllers

I'm not affiliated with them I'v been using the MorningStar Sunsaver 10 for 5 years which has had no issues.

# Posted: 14 Jun 2019 10:52

Over sizing arrays is common. You can do 10% easily. The effect. You get more power to your batteries for a longer period of time. smile.

I really like the Morningstar solar controllers. They really led the way for a long time. You can update the firmware/software. Add wifi. They have a super fast MPPT algorithm. And the best reputation for longevity.

I watched the last webinar on using the Relay Driver. Well worth watching. Learned a lot.

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